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A software partner that helps you streamline information delivery as teams and customer needs are becoming increasingly dynamic all over the world.


How Meridium works

Our transparent workflow will guide you through the most challenging solutions ensuring every step of the process is handled with methodical precision.

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Bleeding edge technology

Through our many years of experience working intimately with entrepreneurs and companies from different sectors we have learned to connect dots and find opportunities which will leave your competition biting dust.

Explore our solutions

Whether you are looking for a reliable long time partner or need a specific objective to be taken care of, you will be in experienced and capable hands.

Web development

Helping you build a marketing website, webshops or landing pages.

Consulting & PM

Providing strategical counseling, project management or second opinions.

Mobile applications

Offer your clients an enriched experience with high engagement rates.

Headless CMS

Expand your existing content and infrastructure through new interfaces.

Web3 and Blockhain

Offer your clients the newest technologies like NFT’s, and crypto.

Custom CRM

Build a truly unique experience for your customers based on your experience.

Meridium can help you scale internationally

Does your company operate in multiple countries or have plans to go international? We will help you set up scalable infrastructure to keep everything in sync and ensure information flows to the right people at the right time.

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“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein

Our combined experience and expertise with the world’s leading platforms and technologies provide uniquely scalable solutions with competitive advantages.

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